German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester, NY, Inc.





Anyone considering the purchase of a GSD should request that the seller provide a written sales contract.  The contract should clearly spell out the terms of sale and include a description of the dog.  This is true for any transfer of ownership, regardless of the age of the dog and whether there is a selling price.  Below is just one example of a sales contract.


WHEREAS, ________________________________________hereinafter called “Seller” is the owner of a (Show, Showable, Pet) _____________________ German Shepherd (Dog, Bitch) ____________ further described as:

Registered Name of Dog:___________________________________________
Litter Registration No.:_________________________ or AKC No.:______________________
Foreign Registration No.:_______________________________________________________
Name & Registration No. of Sire:_____________________________________
Name & Registration No. of Dam:_____________________________________

and WHEREAS, ____________________________________________, hereinafter called “Buyer”, is desirous of purchasing the animal described above.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the sum of______________________________________Dollars, the Seller hereby conveys one (Show, Showable, Pet)____________________ German Shepherd (Dog, Bitch)________ under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties or conditions either expressed or implied:

1. That the above described animal is a purebred dog, registerable with the AKC and that a registration application or individual registration has been given to Buyer as of the date of purchase.
2. That the above described animal may for any reason be returned, prepaid, to Seller within 24 hours, or as otherwise agreed, in writing, at the time of receipt. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, anatomical make-up, appearance and temperament of the above described animal during said 24 hour period. If the condition of the animal has changed in any of the categories mentioned in the previous sentence, the Seller is relieved of obligation to return the full amount of the purchase price, otherwise the full purchase price will be refunded. Any claim of change in the animal by the Seller must be communicated to the Buyer within 24 hours.
3. Optional-In the event disqualifying faults as listed and defined in the Breed Standard are found to be present in the above described animal, on or before one year of age or within 45 days of the date of this agreement, in the case of animals of more than one year of age at the date of this agreement, the Seller agrees to (replace, refund)__________ to Buyer _______% of the purchase price of the animal and the animal shall be (returned to Seller or retained by Buyer)_________________________________.
4. In order to receive an adjustment under the terms of the Sales Contract, Buyer must return signed AKC papers to Seller before any adjustment hereunder. Buyer must make animal available to Seller or designee for appropriate examination.
5. This writing constitutes the full agreement of the parties.

WHEREFORE, the above named Seller and Buyer have executed the foregoing contract of sale at______(am/pm) on this________day of____________________ , 20____ at_____________________, State of_________________.

Buyer, Address & Phone No.:____________________________

Seller, Address & Phone No.:____________________________

Pet: A companion animal purebred and AKC registerable, that is sold as a pet with no warranty that the dog will be show quality or breeding stock.
Showable: A puppy or adult that goes beyond and above the definition of a pet dog. This animal must be free of all disqualifying faults. This dog is in no way guaranteed to win in the show ring unless this is agreed to in writing in this contract at the time of execution. It is understood that, with proper care on the part of the Buyer, in due time the dog should be of acceptable temperament and structure, and should embody the basic standard of the Breed.
Show: An animal that has all of the qualifications of showable plus being one that, with proper handling, can and should win in the conformation ring. If there are any further guarantees, they must be in writing.